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    • The nominations for officers and board members for 2018 officially closed on October 7th 2017.
      Those running for officers and board this term are:
      President - JT Dunn
      Treasurer- Karen Dunn
      3 Board member seats :
      Bobby Jordan
      Louis Brashear
      Charlie Dean
      All of the above are running unopposed. 
      To send out ballots would be a costly, mute point for the club.
      There will be a general membership meeting on Friday of our Fall Nationals. At that time the above officers and board members will need to have an official motion and membership vote to be sworn in.  
      We hope to see you all there.
      Bonita Nichols- DAARA Secretary

    • Auburndale Event Postponed
    • Heavy rains forced the postponement of last nights DAARA event in Auburndale. This event is rescheduled for next Sunday afternoon at 4pm on 10/8/17. Gates open at 2pm for practice and racing begins at 4. This will be a non SVS event out of respect for members having a long distance to travel and go to work on Monday. Points were awarded for everyone who showed up for the rained out event. For all of you who are die hards we have a busy week this week. Friday night open practice at Citrus County Speedway followed by the Saturday night SVS points show at Citrus County Speedway. Just a reminder to check your safety belts. They must be manufactured in the last 4 years. This is a track mandate for Citrus County Speedway for all cars taking the track. Following the Citrus County Speedway event will be a return to the Auburndale Bullring on Sunday afternoon for a non SVS make up race. This is a great opportunity to get some laps as scheduling and weather have played havoc on us this year. This will be a full weekend of racing fun and we are looking forward to seeing you all at the track.

  • Citrus County Speedway Update
  • It has been brought to our attention that all classes running at Citrus County Speedway including DAARA cars must have Safety belts 4 years or newer from the date of manufacture on the belts. There are no exceptions and the track will be checking the belts. We apologize for the short notice but just received this update. Please check your belts to make sure you meet this standard for Citrus County Speedway.


        Citrus County Speedway is back on the schedule for October 7, 2017.
We are very excited to get back into the Citrus County Speedway.  We are appreciative of  JT staying with this effort and Howie Masters who helped with  the "in person negotiations" with Cameron.  "You guys rock".   
DAARA has always enjoyed this track and look forward to going back there next season as well.
We are hoping for a fantastic first turn out to this event, as they are under the new management, since our last visit.
We hope to see all of you at the Auburndale Speedway on May 13th.  We are all looking forward to seeing Rex, Collette and the gang, as well as our friend Rick Bristol who is also back there as well.
Take care, be safe and see you at the track.

citrus county speedway new logo.jpg

                          The DAARA race for North Florida has been rescheduled for Saturday, April 29th

    The DARRA race scheduled for this weekend 4/22 has been cancelled due to the track being closed. We are currently trying to get the race rescheduled for 4/29/17. We will keep you posted.

  • DAARA will return to 417 Speedway Saturday May 20th.
  • Well everyone wanted to go back to 417 Speedway so here it is for Saturday May 20th. Dont forget to come a little early as the pits fill up quickly and come hungry as the 417 has some of the best food around.  JT

DAARA's 2017 season kicked off with a bang, with 32 of our vintage cars passing through the gate. It was sort of strange though, with Miss Carol not being there, at the Auburndale Speedway gate to greet us. She retired at the end of last season. She had been there through seven owners over the last 25 yrs. We are all going to miss her and wish her the best in her retirement.
First off let me make this clear to all participants in a DAARA event, both the car owner and the car driver must be a member in good standing. You also must sign in before taking the track and you must be signed in to receive points.
Well back to the 1st SVS DAARA event of the year. Rex put us up 1st in the heat and the feature and that was great for all of us.
Our heats went off great with everyone knocking off the rust, after a short break. It was time for the mains. Our mighty Midgets was out first with Luke Hill acing out Bobby Jorden.  In our 6 cyl class Duane LeCornu started shotgun in the field and worked his way through the field, finishing first, with Richie Gomes close on his heels. Our v-8's were next, this was the hardest fought battle of the day. Cush Revette started on pole and lead the way till Cory Lane finally got around him. Then in the last lap coming off turn four, Cush got around him and the crossed the finish line in a dead heat. With both thinking they won. I was watching and I do not know, but the track gave it to the big red car of Cush Revette. Both Cory and Cush had a great time, in this event. I think maybe a rematch is in order at our up coming Spring Nationals, at the Auburndale Speedway, March 2nd 3rd and 4th, 2017. Our Sprints were up last in the show.  Scott Winter aced out Jimmy Miltner in one hard fought back and forth battle, that also made for a great finish to a great show.
Well that is what happened, the best I can remember it.
Our next event will be a NON-SVS event at the Bronson Speedway on February 18th, there will be open practice on Friday the 17th for those interested in attending as well as other events scheduled there, if you would like to watch on Sunday the 19th.  Motorhomes are welcome to stay in the front field over the weekend.
See you all there and remember stay safe and do not forget to "support your local short tracks"   
JT Dunn-DAARA President


Attention DAARA members.
Well its almost race time for 2017 , hope that everyone had a great holiday and ready for a great year . The crew at Auburndale is looking forward to seeing us next Sunday, so let's have a good turn out.Just a quick review of what went on at the last board meeting, Dave Cash stepped down as secretary and Darren Nichols was appointed to fill his spot.
We want to thank Dave for his many years as a DAARA board member and his serving as our Secretary, for the last few years.  We have all enjoyed and appreciated his input and help in growing our club. Dave will still be a great part of DAARA and work with us as our Sprint leader and as needed, in other duties.As you've seen the 2017 season is filling up fast and should be finished by the spring nats.


Karen Dunn spoke to Cory Lane this morning and found out that our dear friend Sammy Morrow, is not doing well at all. He had some issue's with his foot again and had home nursing care come in to administer antibiotics. He had an allergic reaction and was rushed to the hospital. (This was a few weeks ago).
During his stay there he has developed more difficulties. He has breathing issues and also has chronic kidney failure. He will be going into hospice care.
Prognosis is not good at this time. Please pray for Sammy! He has been a devoted DAARA member and friend for many, many years.
He is in Florida Hospital, in Wesley Chapel at this time. We are not sure if he is going home or a nursing facility for Hospice Care, at this time.
Cory is visiting him as we speak and I will give you an update, soon.
Just pray, for comfort and God's will to be done. Thank you!
(for those of you who are fairly new to DAARA Sammy has been in the club, for years. He was our official announcer from Zephyrhills days, at all of our national events. He has been in ill health from quite sometime. He did come and visit us at our last Auburndale event.)

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!  DAARA Board member Rocky Buckles has completed his very serious back surgery and is up and about doing very well. The DAARA officrs and board are very happy for Rocky and hope he can get back to competing with us soon in 2017.
Please check back in the next few months for details on DAARA'a Spring Asphalt Nationals. The location is the Auburndale Speedway just south of Orlando. The dates are March 2,3 and 4 2017.
Huge turnout for DAARA at Auburndale.
Thanks so much for everyone who attended the DAARA event at Auburndale 9/24/16. 28 vintage DAARA race cars were poised for a great night of racing, but unfortunately Mother Nature decided to cut the night short. Except for a few warmup laps the rain cancelled the entire nights activities. Unfortunately during those warmup laps the modified clone #2X big block had a problem which dumped fluid on the raceway. It was good to see the northern modified reproduction of a car driven by great Ed Flemke on track once again. It was also great to see a full field of shining vintage midgets in attendance as well as a few of our sprint car contingent. We had  some first time DAARA stock cars in attendance and we thank each of you for attending our event.
Prior to the start of activities we had  two board meetings to  addresss concerns about DAARA members competeing at non DAARA sanctioned events. The meeting was very productive. DAARA had NO problem with members participating in vintage races at other tracks during the year. DAARA only asks that If DAARA members want to create a non DAARA vintage event in Florida that they first come to the board to discuss the event so that this proposed event can be succesful and that the event does not take cars away from scheduled DAARA events. DAARA has no problem with the vintage events organized by Tobi Smith Enterprises at the Orlando Speedway. DAARA also has no problem with adding the DAARA stock cars to the propsed Whelan modified show  at teh Bronson Speedway  during Speedweeks 2017. Again, the DAARA board thanks those that attended the meetings at Auburndale and their valued input.
We are all getting older, and our sport of vintage racing is decreasing due to age and unfortunately the passing away of many of the founders and participants of our sport. We need to all work together to keep our sport here in Florida alive and thriving.

DAARA Members: below is the 2016 NVRA Vintage schedule. The club formally invites DAARA members to  participate in any events that do not conflict with the DAARA schedule. for more information please contact Sabdra Walker at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
DAARA kicked off the 2016 SVS season at Bronson Speedway. 6 modifieds, 5 6 cylinder stock cars and one sprint car put on a good show for the fans. Bronson management was happy with the show and is looking forward to our next two visits at the speedway.
Many thanks to all DAARA members who supported the show.
March 26 - there will be a full slate of classes and Showtime management has kindly fit us into their schedule. We will be limited to the number of races so unfortunately we can not accomodate Speedsters at this event. 
DAARA Memberships dues for 2016 are now due. Make checks payable to DAARA Treasurer/ Karen Dunn, 6042 Travis St, Mims, FL 32754, in the sum of $35.00, for the year.
If you are planning on coming to the Nationals, you may pay at the event.
Thanks, we are looking forward to a great 2016 season and seeing each of you. Safe travels, see you at the track.

North Florida Speedway 6/27

The club put on a very good show with 15 DAARA members making the tow to the North Florida Speedway. On a beautiful night North Florida provided the club with 3 6 lap heats and 3 12 lap features, plus warm ups. The cars were split into three classes; 6 cylinders, V8's and a combination of sprints and midgets.  All races were run contact free with only  a few mechanical problems bringing out the caution all night long. Thus is a great tribute to the car control and focus of the DAARA drivers.

Tonight we had new members Thomas Gamble (Late Model) and Louis Ledlow (modified) join us. They are both welcome additions to the club.

The club will be taking their annual summer  break (heat) and are scheduled to return to action August 1 at the 1/3 mile asphalt Citrus County Speedway. We hope DAARA members have a great time during our the month and return rested and eager to support the club during the remainder of our schedule.

Thanks to all for their support of the club in the first half of the 2015 season!!! 



The club put on a great night of racing last night at the Marion County Bullring Speedway. 19 DAARA cars were present with 4 each from the midget, 6 cyl and V8 classes and 7 of the powerful sprint cars. The track provided plenty of track time with 10 lap heats and 20 lap features for each class. The racing was spirited and all drivers put on a great show. Many thanks to all DAARA attendees for their hard work and dedication. The next DAARA race is June 27 at North Florida Speedway. This date was changed from the original June 20 date at the speedways request. This will be the final race before DAARA takes a well deserved breather in the month of July, with racing resuming in August.


We had 28 cars at 3 Palms Speedway on Saturday night, May 23rd. Just after practice a pretty hard rain storm passed by. It seemed like the harder it rained, the more cars were out trying to dry the track. In the end there were enough cars out there to run a main event and the track was ready to go.
There were plenty of hard fought battles in the heats. At intermission there was a big meet and greet on the front stretch.
When it was feature time the Midgets were out first, three wide lap after lap, with no one getting an advantage, but in the end it was Bob Law out front then Josh Rynd driving the # 7 and his dad Bill Rynd in third.
The Mod's were next ,the lead was changed nearly every lap. When the checkered flew there was Charlie Paschel in the winners circle was 2nd Doug Cheesborough and Richie Iversen sliding in third.
Our stock cars took to the field next and the whole feature was close, but in the end Pat McNear lead the way and Steve Godlewski in his Ford was second and  with Julie Wilson came in third.
Then it was Sprint car time. This was one of the biggest Sprint car fields we've had this year. With eight Sprints fighting for the top spot. In the end there was Jimmy Miltner up front and John Cicanese a close second, Dave Cash in his Gambler was a respectable third.
This would be a good time to thank Andy and his team for having us and making us feel at home, at the 3 Palms Speedway.
Till next time be safe, have fun and support your local short track.     JT Dunn/  DAARA President


For those of you who remember Vince Cappelli, long time DAARA member of years past, he is not doing well. Please remember him in prayer. He is in Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. If you would like to send him some well wishing. He is in room 225.Or his home address is 4325 Proctor Road ,Sarasota,Fl.34233 (Vince is also Rock Reigle's father in law)


We had one of our largest turnouts of the year at Auburndale Speedway, with 35 cars signed up for our show. The weather forecast wasn't that great, but it turned out to be a good night for racing.
The Heat events were intense and close but no real problems. Then after a short break the Features started. The 6 cyl and flatheads were up first after starting shotgun on the field Steve Campbell worked his way to the front and Duane LeCornu came flying in 2nd, then Steve Parrish came in fast to  close in third.
After all of them, came the Midgets and it was a hard fought battle. Ed Johnson had it on rails, then an almost photo finish with Bobby Jordan inching out a hard charging Bob Law.
When the V-8 Mods and stocks came out, Tobi Smith came out in first and was hooked up. Cory Lane Second after starting in the rear because he was first in the heat, then Scott Fobes sliding in third.
The Sprint cars came out last and put on a great show. Jimmy Miltner and Charlie Dean had a real duel going on,  Jimmy came in the lead, Charlie a close second and Josh Rynd a closing third.
I do want to thank everyone for signing up early. We only had to chase down one or two. Please sign in as soon as possible, of your arrival and you must be signed in before you take the track.
I would also like to remind everyone,  if you bring people with you to a DAARA EVENT, "you" are responsible for the actions and behavior, of your guests.  All DAARA Officials, Board members and Volunteer's, are there to make sure the event is run according to DAARA rules and to make sure that everyone, gets to enjoy the event, in a safe and fun manner.
The crew down at Three Palms, is looking forward to seeing us at their track this weekend . We need to make  a good showing and  don't forget to bring a lawn chair.
Thanks again, to all of our Volunteer's and our Officials for Organizing our events and keeping everything running so well.
See you at Three Palms!  Be safe!  JT Dunn/ DAARA President
(The rules below are posted on our website as well as the DAARA membership application brochure.)
Southern Vintage Series
At any DAARA event the word "racing" always means "exhibition racing"---not all out racing.
Many event procedures are covered in the "rules". Read them first.
Car entry and 1 pit pass is free. All others pay std. track pit pass price.
Track may designate where DAARA cars can park.
Saving pit spots is allowed.
One pit spot per entry.
Track schedule will be posted on the presiding DAARA officer’s trailer --as soon as the track makes it available.
Track drivers meeting is mandatory.
DAARA drivers meeting is mandatory---will be at same location as track meeting, immediately after track meeting.
Full safety gear MUST be worn when push starting any car, in a SAFE PART of the pits, or on the track.
10 mph pit speed limit for ANY vehicle, except push starting.
Classes will be;
Flathead midgets------Overhead midgets----(run together)
Flathead & Inline 6 cyl. stock cars------V6 & V8 stock cars------Modifieds------May run together, or split, depending on car count and time constraints.
Non-Caged sprints-----Caged sprints-------May run together, or separate, or non caged sprints with midgets depending on car count.
Super Modifieds or Speedsters------will run separate-----will run warm ups------and events decided by car count and time constraints.
No money will be awarded in any class. Trophies May be awarded to class feature winners or overall feature winners, decided by track promoter.
You must turn in your entry form, completed and signed ASAP-------BEFORE entering the track surface.
Line up will be determined at the event. BE READY WHEN YOUR CLASS IS UP.
Assigned pole car will hold up clinched fist, to show others.
Try to get pole car out early, so others can join in.
ALWAYS COME AROUND the track to "catch up" to the pole car.
Pole car sets the pace.
Stay in your lane, except when passing. Do not use "all the Lanes".
LOW is SLOW-------except when track does not allow.
If you have trouble and must stop, do so ON THE INSIDE only. Do NOT go high and exit the track.
Any issues or problems will be handled by the DAARA officers PRESENT.


On May 2nd we had a board meeting in Palatka, FL and this is what was decided.
The Modified  and Stock car drivers want a pill draw for starting positions, that is what we are going to do. From now when you sign in you draw a number. The winner of our last feature will start in the rear of the heat and feature of the following event. Then the first and second place cars in the heat will start in the rear, but ahead of the last feature winner.
Our Sprint and Midget cars may either draw at sign in, or make other arrangements at your group meeting after our DAARA drivers meeting.It was also brought up that maybe we're doing a great job on helmet and seat belt inspections. So your group leaders and appointed members shall be doing spot inspections at every DAARA event.
Our handling of aggressive driving and avoidable contact has not been handled as consistently as it should be. So we are going to try and remedy this also. If there is an incident or case of aggressive driving during an event, the officers and or board members attending, will notify the offending driver or drivers before we leave the track that night. Then the proper decision and or punishment shall be handed down according to the vote of the entire  board and officers. 
That is what we all came up with. If you have any questions or concerns about anything please give me a call, or any of your board members and we will be glad to discuss it with you.
                                                              JT Dunn/ DAARA President
DAARA at Hendry County Motorsports Park - Saturday, April 25th 2015
All those who attended our show at Hendry County, left with a smile on their face.  We all had a great time together, both on and off the track.The  track was in great shape and fast. There was a lot of fans in the stands and DAARA put on a good show.The heats went off without a hitch and lots of close competitions. Then we took a little break, put on lots of DEET because the "Skeet's"  down in the Everglade area were very hungry.When the features started we were up first, which was a very good thing.Our Midgets were out first, with Jerry Paquin up front, then Bobby Jorden being chased down by Ed Johnson.The Modified's were next with Richie Iversen showing the way, followed by Steve Parrish, then Tom McDonald charging hard.Our newest team member Darren Nichols showed up to try out his beautiful, orange and black # 6X Vicky.  It was great meeting him and his whole family. We are excited to have them and cannot wait to share more events and time with them.
When our Sprint cars came out Dave Cash jumped out front and held off the pack, behind him was Charlie "THE SPLASH" Dean, came in 2nd and Jimmy Miltner and Josh Rynd was there fighting for 3rd.Then it got strange in front of the flag stand.  Charlie Dean broke his tie rod and found himself in the infield, which was about 3 ft. deep in water. By the time he was towed back to the pits, Richie Iversen already had the" DAARA Paddle" waiting for him. Now, Richie  had possession of this paddle  since Citrus County.  He  promptly  called for a gathering ceremony, at Charlie's car, in which Richie proudly awarded Charlie the Paddle.
For those of you who don't know what the DAARA Paddle is, I will explain. It is an award of sorts, that started back in Zephyrhills, in the 90"s. They had a pond inside of turns 3 and 4. If you put your car in the pond or really close, you were awarded the paddle. You were the proud (or not always) owner of this "DAARA Paddle" Award, until the next member went in. Every recipient has signed that paddle, every since. They are also quite honored to pass it on to the next, unfortunate recipient. Yes, folks Richie was proud to pass along his award to Charlie Dean and Charlie was a great sport in receiving it. ( watch spinning out into the water, Charlie will be praying for you to go  in, for sure)
Well that's kind of what happened.  We are looking forward to seeing each of you at Auburndale Speedway on May 16th. Til then, be safe, have fun and support your local short tracks. 
    JT Dunn,  DAARA President

 Summary of DAARA at North Florida April 11

16 cars traveled to the Lake City 1/2 mile dirt track. After a really good downpour prior to warm ups the evenings activities got underway 1 1/2 hour late which could have been longer had it not been for a hard working track crew. Thankfully, the track ran their multiple classes through in an efficient manner and at 10:30 the DAARA features were completed and the club members were headed home. The DAARA heats were run in an efficient manner as all members were getting a feel for the surface prior to their features. The midget feature was first up and after a few laps of close racing Bobby Jordan and Phil Waters emerged as the class of the field. After a spirited battle Bobby pulled away for the win. Phil Waters finished second and Ed Johnson and Chuck herbert followed in their classic vintage cars. Chuck was piloting a good looking, rare vintage Hillegas open wheel car. Bob Law had trouble and did not complete the event. Next up were the stock cars which consisted of both 6 cyls., modifieds and late models all doing battle together. It turned out to be the closest race of the night as Steve Parrish in his yellow 6 cyl coach dueled Ronnie Rohn in his 55 chevy and Richie Iversen in his pretty #61 Tobias coupe. Under the checkered flag Steve and his 6 cyl outlasted both Ronnie and Richie in an upset win. Charlie Padgett, Rocky Buckles, Shirley Mordan and Earl Lindsey followed. Last but certainly not least were the mighty sprint cars. Every race they put on a great show for the fans and this night was no different. After all 4 cars traded the lead lap after lap Dave Cash in his Gambler prevailed at the checker. Close behind were Charlie Dean, the good looking #82 of Gale Hendrick and Jimmy Miltner. Another great night of DAARA exhibition racing as all cars were rolled back on their trailes and the members left the track with a smile on their face!!


 Summary of DAARA at Citrus County March 14.

We had 32 cars show up for the Citrus County show and were rewarded with a great night of racing with perfect weather. Gary Laplant and crew had the track in good condition and ready to race. The DAARA cars were positioned close to the front of the rotation and ready to go. The heats went off without a hitch with lots of side by side battles. Prior to  intermission all but the sprint car feature was completed. The 6 cylenders were out first with Steve Parrish working his way up front just ahead of Shirley Morden, who just edged Steve Campbell. Charley Padgett wants everyone to know that he did come in a close fourth.Then our midgets came out to do battle. Paul Waters finished up front followed by Bob Jordan with Dale Miller charging to third.Our V-8s were third in order with Pat McNear finishing first with JT second followed by Frank Lenhart with his super fast 6 cyl mod. After intermission the sprint cars were on track with many hard fought battles.  Jimmy Minter finished first with fast Jack Sapp second and Charley Dean running them down finishing 3rd.
Now for some general DAARA information. When you show up at a track please sign in with us at the DAARA table. If you do not sign in we have no verification you are at the track and thus cannot line you up or award your points. SO PLEASE SIGN IN. The TV production Company that was filming was really pleased withour cars and the great show that we put on. They will inform us when and where this will air on TV  so maybe you can see yourself on the tube. In the V8 class it was determined that there was both over aggressive driving and avoidable contact.This was addressed promptly with the offending drivers being set down for one or two races depending on the offense. Rough and over aggressive driving will not be tolerated this year. So everyone, this is your warning .
Until next time be safe, have fun and support you local short track ( if they support us).  I look forward to seeing everyone at North Florida March 28.



I just want to thank everyone for showing up for our Spring Nationals 2015. We truly do appreciate each and everyone who came.
It started with set-up and getting everything ready for the big show. We had a hot dog and chili cook out, that Tuesday evening, everyone got their fill and then more. Captain Jack Sapp made his award winning spicy chili. Karen made her family recipe chili dog chili and every drop of both pots was scraped clean. We had a great time of good food, good conversation and watched a little drizzle and done a little praying for good weather for the rest of the event.
After a good nights rest, we all woke up to a brisk morning and a green track. 
After the drivers meeting the Sprints and Midgets were pushed off, to put heat in there engines. When they were all warmed up the Modified's and stock cars were next on our test and tune Wednesday. The Midgets and Sprint were up first and we continued the rotation, until after our lunch break. Then we started all over again, giving everyone ample, time to get their cars all dialed in and ready for the next day's event.
Thursday, was forecasting for rain. It came through during the early morning hours.  By the time we had our drivers meeting the track was dry and we were ready to go, for the rest of the day.
Round after round, the racing was fast and intense. Then came time, to get some great track food and do a few last minute car adjustments. The afternoon session brought some side by side dueling and great friendly fun. We shut down around 5:00pm. Everyone went their motels and motorhomes and got cleaned up, for  a great time together at the "Stumpknocker's" restaurant, in down town Inverness, FL.  There, we had a little DAARA family  get together, with about 60 of us  meeting there. The food was delicious and we all had a good time. If any of you  have not been to Stumpknocker's, you should go, if you get the chance, it is well worth your time.
Friday came with good weather also. The track was fast and round after round, the fun continued, until everyone was tired and raced out.
We had a little DAARA event, award ceremony.  The "Oldest Driver" award, went to our very 83 yrs. young, Richie Gomes. The "Longest Distance" award, went to new member Ally Amell, who traveled 1500 mi. from Watertown, N.Y. just for the DAARA Spring Nationals. The "Best Appearing Car", went to Charlie Dean and his crew, with his #52 caged Sprint car. The "Oldest Car" award, went to Rick Sanders and his Speedster.  The "Hard Luck" award went to Gordy Wood, who's engine blew, knocking him out of the event.   We also made a presentation to the "Citrus County Speedway" owner Gary Laplant and his staff, for making our event a very smooth and great Spring Nationals.
The drivers spent the rest of the afternoon doing rotations. Then it was time to pack it all up, until next time. 
Looking back over this event, we all need to thank Gary Laplant and his crew for making us a home and keeping the track and grounds in great shape. Then of course Karen , for maintaining the trailer and sales and Judy Morgan for being such a great help as well. Corey Lane and Nancy Pastor for the fine flagging job, and working the back gate. Kevin and Nancy Pepera for being there and photographing the event and making our fine dash plaques. We especially want to thank DAARA's devoted photographer Randy Harbaugh, for once again, coming on his own time and photographing our event.  Randy has been doing DAARA events for many, many years.  Thank you so much Randy, for your time, generosity and devotion!  We would also like to thank all of our team leaders, for the line ups and keeping everything running smoothly. We also would like to thank Ray Le Claire for pushing, the push start cars, he was a great help to us.
( We also need to pray for Ray Le Claire, who cracked a few ribs after a fall. We hope that he heals fast and is able to be back with us for the Fall Nationals.)
We have gotten so much positive feedback from this event. Everyone loved the track and the great relaxed atmosphere. Karen and I both have gotten many phone calls and emails, thanking DAARA for putting on such a fun event.  We have gotten several new members and many of our old members are coming back, after being out for various reasons. 
We had an award winning film producer who was here photographing for an up coming documentary and will probably be filming us at our next Nationals.

President JT Dunn has set up a discount for our members at all O'Reilly Auto Parts, The code is:  Daytona Antique Auto Race.  Please use if for all of your automotive needs. O'Reilly has been great to donate items for our raffle's in the past and we want to support them as well.


                 New Rule Implemented For DAARA Open Cockpit Cars.

  • All DAARA cars must have roll bars. They must be at least 2” above the drivers head, with helmet on and made to a size appropriate for the car, installed on. It must also be made of at least 16 gage D.O.M. tubing.  
                       The bars are to be installed by the Spring Nationals. (If for some reason you cannot complete installation by then, those cars will be put into a separate slower group.) 
  • The bars must be installed no later than the start of the 2015 SVS season in order to run, with your class.  If not you may show your car, or we may be able to get you into a parade lap with 

    Midgets, Uncaged Sprints as well as Speedsters and or any other car, that runs with the club.


(to be clear we are speaking of a roll bar, not a cage)    Your DAARA Board


 2015 is not too late to renew your DAARA membership.

 The annual dues are the same, $35.00. or $300.00 for lifetime membership.


Please make the check out to "DAARA"

You can mail  your 2015 dues to:

                                   Karen Dunn
                                   c/o DAARA Treasurer
                                   6042 Travis St,
                                   Mims, Fl 32754



Please check out the insurance info sent by Dudley Balmer below. The DAARA Board feels this is a very goood racing policy for our members. For a $217 flat rate you receive the following.....

  • $500,000 full excess accident medical expenses over the participant's health insurance and track Participant Accident Insurance
  • $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage

The information PROVIDED from Dudley............. 

 Hi folks. Good to talk to J.T. today. Know I pulled him away from working on a project. Sorry about that. We have never associated ourselves with a product or company but when I explored this I immediately came on board. This is new and it takes over when the track or organization insurance runs out. It will pay up to a half million over a two year period. The fellow that started this program was with K&K for a long time. CAP is a subsidiary of Sports Insurance Specialists of Fort Wayne, IN. I have investigated the people and the company and believe this can keep someone from losing everything and provide proper care even for long term rehabilitation. 

 I would hope this would stay in the trailer and never be opened but we all know stuff happens. Three guys hurt in PA in the last week, one critical. I am the only one promoting this for the company at this time. It is affordable and you can run anything, anywhere the entire year. 

Just go to our site and click on the active logo for CAP. You can click on the policy and read the entire thing. Applications can be downloaded off the site. We are working on setting up on line signup. I will answer or get the answers to any questions anyone might have.  I feel anyone that drives anything should have this. Thanks for looking. DAARA and it's family are prayed for every morning. Will be great to see everyone again.
















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