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--News & Updates


Thanks for your prompt response and opinions as to our Spring Nationals Dates. When we first set the date for February 26th - March 1st back in June, most who still work put in for their vacation time for the nationals soon after. Based on that info and the overwhelming votes for one day early, in order to keep those same dates, we now have a signed contract with Bronson Speedway for Wed, Thursday and Friday, February 25th, 26th and 27th.
We will be allowed into the track on Tues. February 24th for set up.
The fees will be $40.00 to be paid on Wednesday, for the entire event per person, or $30.00 for both Thursday and Friday , or $25.00 for Friday only, per person.  The fee's for spectator only fee's will be announced later by track.
Those with motorhomes, who want to start traveling early Saturday, may stay over Friday and be out by 11:am on Saturday.
For those who do not know this is a 3/8 mi asphalt track.
Karen has made hotel plans and will post next week on site, facebook and email as well.  It will be under $60.00 per night. ( already approved, just wants to reconfirm with manager the exact amount, before posting.)
We are looking forward to having a very large Spring Nationals which would help in making plans for 2016 Spring Nationals.
Thanks, for your input.  Sorry for those who wanted a different date, but the majority has spoken.
Happy Holidays, be safe see you all soon.  JT


DAARA member Jim Passino has very generously donated $200 for the purchase of trophies at the 2015 DAARA Asphalt Nationals. Jim donated this amount in the name of Jim Passino Excavating and Hauling. 

Jim owns and drives the immaculate Jack Johnson origional #12 northeast center steer big block modified. Next time you see Jim please thank him for his generous donation.  THANKS JIM!!!!!!


In order to avoid any confusion, we would like to inform our DAARA membership that the upcoming vintage races scheduled for Orlando Speedworld December 5 and beyond are NOT sanctioned by DAARA and additionally DAARA is not involved with this groups racing activities in any shape or form.



Our Nationals at the Bullring was a great success.  The weather was great, the track was smooth and fast and we a good car count.


Thanks to Karen Dunn and Michele Hess in the DAARA trailer for doing an excellent  job, selling shirts, hats, taking dues and signing up new members.
Nancy Pastor was in her spot at turn one taking care of the line up and helping cars off the track. Ron Hess and Cory Lane did a fine job in the flag stand and Sammy Morrow was in true form, making all sound good and running faster than we were. It was good having Sammy back with us again. Thanks to each of you and to Judy Morgan for selling so many Hoosier Tire tickets for us. We still have quite a few before we can draw.  (Send $10.00, to DAARA, 6042 Travis St, Mims, FL 32754) we will send back your ticket stub.
Bill Cleary and his crew did a fantastic job on track prep, but they always do a fine job on the track there.
Then on Saturday they  served up a really great barbeque lunch with all of the fix in's.
I don't think the banquet could have been any better, this year. The food was good and we got to see old friends we had not seen in a while.
We need to congratulate all of our award winners for doing such a commendable job, during our SVS season.
In our general membership meeting the attendee's voted on and passed a motion to combine the O.H. Midget and the Flathead Midget classes into one class, as well as the V-8 stocks and V-8 Mod's classes into one class. 
We also voted on and passed to elect a committee headed by board member Bobby Jordan and 5 other of our Midget car members to look into having cages installed on the DAARA Midget cars, as a safety measure and they will be reporting back.
We would also like to thank once again Dave Davis and Davis Dealerships for sponsoring our banquet and national event. We would like to also like to thank Chemko, for sponsoring our larger door prizes as well as Speedway Motors and LongAcre Racing and Hoosier South and O'Reilly Auto Parts, Race Car Engineering, Shirley Morden, and  Donna Hahn for their door prize sponsorship as well.
We would also like to thank Outlaw Fuels for donating the wonderful Hoosier jackets, that was embroidered with names and awarded to our seven (7)  SVS" perfect attendance" winners this year, Richie Iversen, Steve Parrish, Rocky Buckles, Charlie Padgett, Jimmy Miltner, Bill Rynd and Josh Rynd.
Thanks for your club support, we appreciate each of you and hope to have many more perfect attendee's, for  next year.
If I have forgotten anyone, please know that we are grateful to all who help make each event a fun and safe place to be. Thank You! 
Last but not least the DAARA board is working hard to get the 2015 season all buttoned up and should have the schedule finished and published soon.
Till then be safe and have a great Holiday Season and don't forget to support your local short track.    JT Dunn



2015 Dues....with the New Year arriving, it is also time to renew your DAARA membership.

 The annual dues are the same, $35.00. or $300.00 for lifetime membership.


Please make the check out to "DAARA"

You can mail  your 2015 dues to:

                                   Karen Dunn


                                   c/o DAARA Treasurer


                                   6042 Travis St,


                                   Mims, Fl 32754



Please check out the insurance info sent by Dudley Balmer below. The DAARA Board feels this is a very goood racing policy for our members. For a $217 flat rate you receive the following.....

  • $500,000 full excess accident medical expenses over the participant's health insurance and track Participant Accident Insurance
  • $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment coverage

The information PROVIDED from Dudley............. 

 Hi folks. Good to talk to J.T. today. Know I pulled him away from working on a project. Sorry about that. We have never associated ourselves with a product or company but when I explored this I immediately came on board. This is new and it takes over when the track or organization insurance runs out. It will pay up to a half million over a two year period. The fellow that started this program was with K&K for a long time. CAP is a subsidiary of Sports Insurance Specialists of Fort Wayne, IN. I have investigated the people and the company and believe this can keep someone from losing everything and provide proper care even for long term rehabilitation. 

 I would hope this would stay in the trailer and never be opened but we all know stuff happens. Three guys hurt in PA in the last week, one critical. I am the only one promoting this for the company at this time. It is affordable and you can run anything, anywhere the entire year. 

Just go to our site and click on the active logo for CAP. You can click on the policy and read the entire thing. Applications can be downloaded off the site. We are working on setting up on line signup. I will answer or get the answers to any questions anyone might have.  I feel anyone that drives anything should have this. Thanks for looking. DAARA and it's family are prayed for every morning. Will be great to see everyone again.
















Jim Passino Excavating and Hauling