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 --About Us

The Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association (DAARA) was originally created to keep vintage racing alive for future generations. It began in December of 1983.,when a group of race friends got together in the home of Kermit and Jean Weiss. The group that evening was Bill & Marie Rohlfs, Bill & Dorothy Brindley, Ron & Sandy Norton, Jack Greenwood and Ray & Mary Ann Thomas. The main topic of discussion that evening was concerning the antique auto racing that was occurring at the Tampa Fair Grounds. The mid-western  AARA Club was the sanctioning body for those antique races. From that meeting a plan was created to form a new vintage club.


The first real meeting and appointment of Officers came in May,1984.Bill Rohlfs was President, with Ron Norton, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer Bill Brindle., the board of directors were Sammy Packard ,Kermit Weiss, Glen McClone and Jack Greenwood. The first newsletter Editor was Bill Brindley. There were a total of 21 members that year.Past Presidents of DAARA are Bill Rohlfs, Ron Norton, Doug Howard, Bob Bailey, George Gray, Dick Woolridge, Dale Miller, Bill Wendt and JT Dunn.

Initially DAARA ran under the AARA banner, and ran events at New Smyrna Speedway and the Volusia Speedway. Static displays were held in the Daytona Outlet Mall and the Daytona Flea Market. Our members also participated in the events at the Tampa Fairgrounds, Odessa, and then on to Zephyrhills, under the AARA. DAARA took over the Fall and Spring shows in 1988, and was the main show there until November of 2010. Since then we have held our National events at Orlando Speedworld, Bronson Speedway and Marion County Speedway's,"The Bullring".
To this day our drivers, both men and women, still spend the entire race season doing exhibition race events all over the state of Florida. We have at some point and time had our grand old cars on every track in the state, both dirt and asphalt. We have also supported many vintage events out of state, most recently at Darlington Speedway and Rockingham Speedway.
You will also find the DAARA cars at the Daytona Turkey Rod, the Ocala Pumpkin Run and many charity shows through out the state. If you ever see us there, please stop by and say hello.
We are a non profit organization. Our members are from all over the state of Florida. We also have many members that are from out of state as well as Canada. The majority of our members are 60- 82 years old. Our cars represent vehicles at least 30 years old , but some are as old as 1920's. Each of our members travel and participate in our DAARA events at their own expense. We do not get a pay out and most times we do not receive trophies. Every event, every show, every meet and greet, is done just for the love of the sport. Just to keep vintage racing alive.
There was a dream born in 1983. It is now 30+ years later and we still have the same dream and that is to keep vintage racing alive. We are 505 members strong and growing. Please help us to keep our dream and the dream of our founding fathers alive. Come Join us!