Top Visiting Countries

  USA flag --USA (122621)
  Canada flag --Canada (8604)
  Ukraine flag --Ukraine (5525)
  China flag --China (3426)
  Europe flag --Europe (3333)
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--SVS Procedures

When the SVS schedule is established, no additional points races may be added. In case of cancellation, a replacement point's race may be added. An effort will be made to reschedule on the same date, but another date, track, or track surface may be selected.

Each race car that registers for an SVS event will be awarded 15 points. An additional two points for starting the heat race and six points for taking the green flag in the feature race will be awarded. The maximum of 23 points per SVS race will be awarded. "Attending" a race means the car reached the entrance gate of the track on race day. All appropriate points will be awarded in case of a rain out-cancellation on race day. Points are awarded to the car according to DAARA class and number. Car owner may use a substitute car as long as it is in the same class and carries the same number. If not, it is considered a different entry. Drivers may accumulate car owner points in more than one car or class.

You may request a change, or you may be asked, to move to a different "group" to race in a heat or in a feature. This may be due to a performance standpoint, a car count issue, or to help even out the number of cars in a heat or feature. The DAARA President will have the final decision as to which group a car races with.

Each car at a SVS series race will be given one complementary pit pass. All addition persons must pay the regular pit pass rate.

Feature winner in each class of the previous SVS race must start at the rear of the heat and feature of the following event.

All DAARA Board Members present at an SVS event will make any final decisions.